Infinit at DockerCon'17

On the 13th of April, Quentin Hocquet and I (formerly CTO and CEO at Infinit, respectively) flew to Austin, Texas to participate to Docker's yearly conference: »

Elle, reloaded

You may have heard of the recent open-sourcing of our C++ core library, Elle, announced in a previous blog post. We are it has created a »

A new look for a new life

A lot of changes have happened at Infinit over the last few months. The Docker acquisition, the focus on our Storage Platform, the closure of our »

Infinit's build system: Drake

In April 2016, we started our open-sourcing process by releasing a fork of Infinit's technical leader's (Quentin mefyl Hocquet) build system: Drake. Drake is a language »

Infinit joins Docker

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Infinit and Docker are joining forces. To anyone following the container space, this may not come as a surprise »