A new look for a new life

A lot of changes have happened at Infinit over the last few months. The Docker acquisition, the focus on our Storage Platform, the closure of our file transfer applications and more recently, we started open sourcing components of our technology.

With all this change, we decided we needed to refresh our image a bit to better match our new direction towards storage.


People usually love our logo; it's super recognizable and has been the pillar of our image culture for years so the Infinit symbol isn't going anywhere.

Side note: our Infinit symbol and name actually come from the Tibetan endless knot.

Infinit old logo

Our handwritten logotype also conveyed a nice playful character which was well adapted for our file transfer applications. With our shift to the storage world, we wanted a more serious connotation to better fit this new market and our enterprise focus.

However, it had to keep some of the cheerfulness of our previous logo since we still want to make creating storage infrastructure easy for any developer.

Infinit old logo

We went with the Linotte font, designed by Joël Carrouché which perfectly met all of our requirements. It's more readable at small size, has a solid geometric construction while maintaining a few imperfections conveying exactly the feeling we had in mind.


Over the last few months we've been working hard to open source our technology, component by component (you can follow our progress on our projects page).

We started with our build system written in Python 3, Drake, and we recently added our coroutine-based asynchronous C++ development framework, Elle.

With our infinite symbol as the model, we reused the same mechanics playing with the loop widths to get these two logos.

The Drake logo represents the mystical drake animal as you probably guessed.

The Elle logo... sit tight. In French, Elle is pronounced like the letter "L", and is our feminine gender third-person singular subject pronoun. Well, it means "she". We had a look at what the L letter represented and found that the symbol for the L hieroglyph is a lion, which is also an astrological sign represented by this symbol. Playing with the curve widths, we quickly agreed on this logo which can either look like the astrological sign, or a woman's hair — because it means she, get it? :)

Our key-value store will follow next, but we're still in some intense epic discussions about what the name will be.

Get started with Infinit in less than 10 minutes! Test it!

Gaëtan Rochel

designer / web dev @ docker (infinit crew)

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