Announcing the Infinit Docker volume plugin

TLDR; we launched our Docker Volume plugin in the 0.6.2 release.

Docker's lightweight virtualization, portable container format and orchestration tools are driving a revolution in software engineering and infrastructure. Lighter weight virtualization allows complex services to be broken into single applications per container which simplifies and clarifies system design.

A portable container format and suite of orchestration tools mean that deploying services is easier, more robust and more deterministic than ever.

Schema of the Infinit Docker Volume Plugin

This ease of deployment and scaling is particularly the case for stateless applications. Scaling out is as simple as launching more application containers on available hosts and load balancing across them. Stateful applications are more complex. In the simplest form, application state can be stored on the container's host but this requires that an application is run on a specific host.

In addition, if this host were to be lost the application's state data would be lost too. Different applications have vastly different storage needs: a database may require raw block storage while a website may require an object store for images and yet another application a full POSIX compliant filesystem.

Clearly a networked storage solution which provides different types of storage is required. A modern solution should also scale well – as close to linearly as possible – and not have any single points of failure. These goals can only truly be met by a decentralized system.

At Infinit we are building such a storage platform and with the 0.6.2 release we have introduced a Docker volume plugin. Once you have setup the Infinit daemon on your hosts, your containers will be able to mount Infinit volumes irrespective of the host that they're running on.

To get started with our Docker plugin, read the documentation.

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Chris Crone

Engineer at Docker (ex-Infinit)

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