Infinit announces Project Dropboxe

These days, modern companies and truly productive teams often span offices, regions, and operating systems. Sadly, the tools that many rely on to access their data—traditional ones like corporate file servers (shared network drives) and newer, browser-based solutions—aren’t suited to the way modern teams work.

Today, at our Infinit offices during lunch, we showcased a new technology preview that will tackle this problem head on: Project Dropboxe. Its goal? To reimagine how people find, access, and collaborate with large amounts of data.

With Project Dropboxe, we’re addressing a major issue our users have asked us to solve. The amount of information being created and shared has exploded, but most people still work on devices with limited storage capacity. While teams can store terabyte upon terabyte in the cloud, most individuals’ laptops can only store a small fraction of that. Getting secure access to all the team’s data usually means jumping over to a web browser, a clunky user experience at best.

A revolutionary new way to access all your files

Through Project Dropboxe, teams will gain:

  • Visibility in context. Every file you’ve been given access to—even ones that aren’t stored locally—will appear in Windows File Explorer and Mac OS X Finder. You can quickly drill down through folders to find what you need, without the lag of a network drive or the inconvenience of a web app. Plus, you can view key info like file size, and creation and modification dates through your desktop file system, no downloading required.

  • Real-time access. Files and folders stored in the cloud can be organized with familiar drag-and-drop simplicity, right from the desktop. And when you need to open something from the cloud, just double-click it like any other file. It will automatically sync and open the file for you.

  • Universal compatibility. For IT teams, Project Dropboxe works the way your teams work, supporting cross-platform access and backwards-compatibility on any computer running Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.9 and up. IT teams can bring the power of Project Dropboxe to the systems they manage and you can share and collaborate with ease.

With Project Dropboxe and more product announcements to come throughout the year, we’re continuing to increase our pace of innovation. Already deployed with a select number of sponsor customers, Project Dropboxe will change the way teams store and access data. Check back here for more info as we continue to make progress.

Sorry Dropbox, we couldn't resist. It's quite an honor that you decided to use our name for something we've been building with our peer to peer file system over the last few years.

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Gaëtan Rochel

designer / web dev @ docker (infinit crew)

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