Infinit joins Docker

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Infinit and Docker are joining forces.

To anyone following the container space, this may not come as a surprise because persistent storage remains the number one challenge when it comes to container technologies.

Still, for Infinit, this is a huge milestone, closing the loop that has taken the team through quite an incredible journey.

Docker has changed the way developers work. By providing an ecosystem of tools based on container technologies, developers and operators have been able to gain in agility and security. At the same time, Docker has succeeded at reconciling operators and developers (through what has been dubbed the DevOps movement) by making them speak the same language.

This whole revolution is still in its early stages even though both ends of the spectrum, startups and enterprises, have jumped on the train. Indeed, at this point, containers have been used primarily to deploy stateless applications because these can be stopped and relaunched easily, allowing for easy scalability.

Unfortunately, this is no longer enough as developers want more. Namely, they want the ability to scale stateful applications, such as databases, as easily as their stateless counterparts.

With stateful applications being the next natural step in this evolution, Infinit comes into play by providing the Docker community with a storage platform that is scalable, resilient and easy to deploy.

There are numerous ways for Infinit to improve the Docker ecosystem, from a default volume plugin for stateful applications, to the distributed storage of images for the Docker Trusted Registry or to providing a hyper-converged storage environment in a Docker Swarm (something that we demonstrated in the latest Docker Hackathon).

There is a long road ahead as Infinit is still in its infancy. Our plan for the coming months is to improve stability, resilience and scalability so that we can quickly release a production-ready version 1.0 of the software.

#Docker Acquires Distributed Storage Startup @infinit to Provide Support for Stateful Containerized Applications

We are also preparing to open source the different components of our software (core libraries, decentralized key-value store and storage platform), something that a lot of people have been (rightfully) requesting. Unfortunately until now, we lacked the resources to do it properly and we did not want to just throw the sources at the community without proper support.

In addition to this, we are hard at work developing more storage interfaces (iSCSI, NBD, AWS S3 etc.) in order to cover more use cases: databases, logs, website media files, concurrent accesses, etc.

Even though Docker has already made its mark in history, we believe that what the community sees today is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Docker has the potential to reshape infrastructure software at large. This is why, even though Infinit was about to close a significant round of financing, the team has preferred to join Docker in order to have a bigger and more direct impact.

Stay tuned, this is just a new beginning! Don't hesitate to subscribe (below) to this blog to follow the development of the Infinit storage platform.

You can read Docker's announcement on their blog.

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