Infinit Meetup #1 — Distributed storage systems & live demo

Last week, we organized our very first meetup in our offices in Paris.

Julien (CEO) talked about the different distributed storage solutions out there and how to build a reliable peta-scale file system. Quentin (CTO) started introducing Infinit and its advantages before doing a live demo on how to build your own infrastructure with Infinit.

We recorded the whole thing so you can see it here:

  • 00:00 How to build a reliable peta-scale file system (see slides)
  • 36:00 Introduction to the Infinit file system (see slides)
  • 45:34 Live demo on how to build an infrastructure with Infinit
  • 1:26:35 Questions & Answers
  • 1:51:50 Roadmap

Thanks a lot to everyone who came or are watching the video right now (sorry about the sound quality, it'll be better next time!).

Speaking about that, our next meetup will take place on July 5, and we'll talk about our new Docker integration which we're working on as I speak. Join us!

Infinit Meetup #2:

Get started with Infinit in less than 10 minutes! Test it!

Gaëtan Rochel

designer / web dev @ docker (infinit crew)

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