Our open-sourcing philosophy

To quote one of our previous blog posts:

Everyone in our team has been using open-source software since we started programming. We believe in the power of open-source and feel that it is only natural to give back to the community and be as transparent as possible regarding our technology. We hope that by open-sourcing our code, more developers will join us and contribute to improve the core technology and build awesome tools on top of it.

We committed a few months ago to make our code available to the community. This has taken longer than we wanted but we're getting closer.

As a small team, resource allocation is always problematic but we finally made open-sourcing one of our priorities. Hence, expect some activity on our GitHub account in the weeks to come.

What are we open-sourcing?

For the past 5 years, we have developed two products, a file transfer application and a storage platform. Both rely on the same set of libraries and use our open-source build system: Drake.

We'd like to make Elle, our suite of core libraries, available to the community. We believe this powerful set of libraries will be useful to developers as it provides clean abstractions for common tasks and make use of interesting technologies (including coroutines). In addition, Elle's reliability, stability and performance have already been tested on close to a million of devices.

Once this has been completed, we would like to keep the momentum and open-source components of our storage platform. The first of these will be our horizontally-scalable, resilient and policy-based key-value store benefiting from cryptographic access control.

This will be followed by various bricks built on top of it, including tools to configure and monitor an infrastructure but, more importantly, developer APIs for creating various types of end user interfaces, allowing one to create file systems, object stores or block devices. We will include our implementations for a POSIX-compliant file system using FUSE, an Amazon S3 compatible object store and a Network Block Device.

How do we proceed?

We want the open-source experience that developers (and contributors) have to be flawless. We know the frustration of a project that doesn't compile, doesn't behave as documented or has no documentation at all. To ensure the best experience possible, we will follow a strict methodology in our open-sourcing.

Going forward, we want open-source to be a cornerstone of our development process. We hope to have Elle available publicly in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can always keep track of our progress.

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Antony Méchin

Software engineer at Docker (from the former Infinit team)


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