Release 0.7.0 — Infinit for Windows, IPv6 & more...

We just released the 0.7 version of our storage platform! A lot of things have been integrated into this release, including:

  • Infinit for Windows in alpha
  • IPV6 support
  • New Koordinate overlay
  • S3 compatible storage support
  • Bandwidth and CPU usage optimization
  • Full changelog

Infinit for Windows

Windows gif

We finally have something to share with you, fellow Windows users. You can now find our Windows binaries on our website, and our Get Started guide is updated with some nice dir commands.

Download Upgrade

Our GUI client, Infinit Drive, is now also available on Windows.

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any feedback or would like to chat about our releases. We're on reddit, Twitter, Slack or IRC.

Get started with Infinit in less than 10 minutes! Test it!

Gaëtan Rochel

designer / web dev @ docker (infinit crew)

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